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Video marketing is not any longer just a buzzword. it’s a marketing technique that has made an area for itself within the market and is here to remain. the rationale for marketers employing video marketing is that the audience is more receptive to video content than the other sort of content.

Stats reveal that video marketing features a huge impact on the audience.

What exactly is video marketing?
Simply put, video marketing may be a marketing strategy that integrates videos during a marketing campaign.

Video marketing are often used for brand building, promoting your brands or services, etc. it’s also proved to be effective for building relationships with the audience.

Video marketing is one among the foremost effective ways to present “how-to” videos, promote customer testimonials, live-stream of events, etc.

Why do you have to include video marketing in your marketing campaign?
it’s what your audience wants

We live during a customer-driven market where it’s necessary to cater to the stress of the audience. And, the audience prefers to observe videos over other sorts of content. this is often affirmed by Hubspot Research which indicates that quite 54% of the audience want to observe videos over other content types(such as email, blogs, social images, etc.)

Video Marketing helps build trust

This is because video marketing offers transparency and your audience can peek into your brand. they will know who you’re and this helps them hook up with your brand.

Boosts SEO

If video marketing is completed correctly, it’s the potential to spice up your web traffic. It facilitates building backlinks to the location, boosts likes and shares and drives traffic to your site.

Since YouTube is owned by Google, it’s an honest idea to post videos on YouTube and tag them with relevant keywords.

Helps in Conversion

Stats reveal that including the word “video” within the subject line of the e-mail campaign has the potential of accelerating the open rates by 19%.

You can include videos on the landing page of your website also as this will improve conversion rates. this is often corroborated by the very fact that 90% of the buyers feel that videos help them make buying decisions. (Source: Forbes)

Videos are versatile
Videos are often created consistent with the buyer’s journey. you’ll create fun social videos for creating brand awareness. you’ll also share informational videos for potential buyers seeking information about your product. you’ll even create videos which will lead your potential buyers to your landing page.

Better Retention
Information shared through written or audio content features a very low retention rate compared to video content. Stats would have us believe that 65% of the knowledge shared through video content is retained for 3 days.

Although not exhaustive, these are some reasons why a business must include video marketing in its marketing budget.

Video Marketing may be a cost-effective method of selling because creating videos is inexpensive. you are doing not require any extensive equipment or software for creating it. Writing the script for the video content is additionally not very complicated either because you’ll simply turn a blog into a video or one among your product specialists can discuss the merchandise within the video.

Everyone enjoys watching an honest video that’s informative and entertaining!

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